Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How Great Thou Art

Its a beautiful day after a week of rain.  The flowers are coming up and blooming like crazy and so far the deer have left them alone.  My day lilies are blooming for the first time in three years as somehow the deer passed by.
God is the creator of this beautiful world we live in.  He has given us the privilege of living here.  Go outside and look at the sky and appreciate a little beauty today. Days are hard sometimes and there is grief and tragedy all around, but look up and find something today for which to be grateful  We take so much for granted.
God is great and merciful and full of compassion.
Have a good day today.  I hope you, too have a little sunshine today.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy House

Pages from my DLP journal.  The top one is made from only things that I have received in the mail via Happy Mail.  The bottom one we were supposed to draw our favorite shoes.  I am not a huge shoe person and since I am behind I incorporated another assignment which was to use a magazine advertisement.  You know, "Kill two birds with one stone and all that".   Its been a fun diversion working on the journal.  Just start one if you love them.  Its really just for you and no one else has to like it.  Its a great way to play with no pressure.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there.  I lost my mother to cancer almost 20 years ago.  I still miss her.  And I love being a mom to my three sweet children.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Mail Obsession

    I have been working on my Documented Life Project Journal (more pics later) and I would recommend you head on over and try it.  Roben-Marie Smith is one of the artists and I just think she is amazing.  There is one fun challenge a week.  Some journal sites post a prompt every day.  Well, not many of us can keep up with once a week is manageable.  And we all need a weekly planner anyway, right.  
   However..... I have been distracted in the DLP group by Happy Mail (Pics above).  You see there is this list for the members of the Documented Life Project and you may sign up for Happy Mail.  Basically, if I want to participate, I just pick a person off the list in no particular order and send them Happy Mail.  You can see, above, my Happy envelopes.  I painted, sprayed, stamped etc. plain white envelopes.   The bright, happy envelopes in ones mailbox is their first clue.  And you can fill it up with whatever goodies you choose.  I have included some of the Art postcards from my Etsy shop as well as vintage papers, other painted papers, journaling cards etc.  If you sign up, you kind of are agreeing that if you receive Happy Mail, you will reciprocate.  I have sent out six, including a swap with a woman in New Zealand.  I have the above ready to go.  So fun.  And the best part is that there is no pressure. You just get creative and know that its just a fun surprise.  
  So get out all those colored pencils and markers, paints and stamps and stickers and send someone a piece of Happy Mail.  It will not just make their day, but yours as well. 

"But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful." Psalm 68:3

Monday, April 14, 2014

Here I Go....Art Journal Started

So I found a planner at Barnes and Noble that actually started in March 2014, so that worked out well.  I started by adding some flaps to pages.  To begin, I only put the flaps/washi tape on the first week of each month's page.  I may add additional things later.  I have wanted to do this for awhile and have actually purchased probably 7 or 8 journals/smash books.  Do you do that, just keep buying supplies because you love the idea but just don't know where or how to start.  Well, just dive in and remember it is YOUR journal.  It is really just for you.  Its a great chance to just take risks and let your creative juices flow.  Its a time to get out your thoughts and worries and celebrations.  I am so excited that I also started taping another journal I bought.  It think for that one, I am going to journal with Bible verses and put in favorite  photos and memorabilia that I have saved.   I will add pictures as I go along.  My video is not very helpful, but I will try to get better. 
Get started, let it go and just have fun.  

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Obsessions

Well I have two relatively new obsessions.  One is fun, unique and usually old containers, like old metal file drawers, or wire baskets, square wooden boxes etc.  With all my supplies i have no problem filling them.  Next time I will post pictures.  The second is journals.  I have a stack of all different kinds of journals and for the most part I have done nothing with them.  Its risky to get started, to scar up those clean white pages, possible with something i do not like.  However, I have decided to take the plunge.  I have been challenged and encouraged by Art to the 5th Academy and I am just going to let myself loose and get started.  I have been trying to just relax and go with the flow, not be so rigid in my art (as the above quickly painted whimsical face will attest).  Art journaling is exploding and just like art it is MY journal or YOUR journal so I will keep you updated.  Go buy a composition notebook if nothing else and get started too.

I gave a baby shower for a beautiful young woman today who serves Jesus everyday and loves on my daughter in so many ways.  One of the guest gave a devotional.  Then read a quote and the woman she quoted encouraged moms to smile everyday with their children (among other things).  My children are almost all grown and I can say, I wish I had laughed more with them.  I am somewhat serious and I had a couple rambunctious boys.  I should have relaxed and laughed a little more.  In the end a lot of the things we mothers fret and worry over are just not that important.  Those babies grow up fast.  Smile everyday with them, better yet try to laugh.