Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So grateful that God created Color

I am studying the Book of Genesis in BSF.  We just started and today talked about His creation (God is quite the genious isn't he?).  And when he created plants and flowers - basically when color came along - what an amazing gift that was to mankind.   Color gives us beauty, it affects our moods, it makes the world deeper and more satisfying.   My first step on this journey was with watercolor paper and mainly watercolors, pastels and inks (watch the ink, it does not add to the beauty of your carpet).  You just have to play.  Put a little ink and water on a page, swirl it around and then go from there. Go Play!!
First attempts looked something like this:

I also love my garden.  It is color straight from God's hands. And it is an inspriation and a refuge:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Getting Started

I have more arts and craft supplies than any person needs to have - as most of you that love to create can probably relate.  So, in fact, getting started in the world of mixed media art was just a matter of reorganizing, putting some of the scrapbook elements to the back of the shelf and pretty much moving the yarn, knitting needles and ribbon to another room (yes, I have taken over several closets and an entire room).  I have been on a couple of scrapbook design teams and have always said I was "creative, but not an artist".  So the idea of it all was rather daunting.  My son, who himself is pretty creative, encouraged me to give it a try.  So I watched videos, Robin Marie got me started with her videos and  pretty much changed my life - really.   It was pretty thrilling as things began to take shape and I actually liked what I was creating. And, I was having a blast in the process.  So all you creators, dig out those paint brushes, water colors, ink and stamps and tubes of paint and get started.  You can do it and it may turn into an adventure like it has for me.