Friday, October 26, 2012

Here We Go, Open Etsy Shop

I am not quite an empty nester, but getting close.  I have been making scrap books for years and designing pages for this store or that for awhile, but honestly I was getting tired of scrapping as I have no more wide eyed little ones making those adorable faces and I have done so many sports pages and so many "girl" pages.  So, I needed something new.  I was drawn to the art journaling and to the mixed media canvases.  I loved them but wasn't sure I could do it.  I gave it a try and actually liked what I was doing.  Problem was that unlike scrapbooks, you only have so many places for a canvas.  I started selling them at a local store and had very good luck.  So, I thought about it and an Etsy shop seemed like a good idea.  I figured I could sell prints and cards and other things from my originals that I was selling locally.  My suggestion if you are thinking about a shop is first get on Etsy and play around.  Hit the sellers tab and read through the FAQs.  Run a search for the item you would be selling and see if the market is saturated or if you are unique, and take note of the pricing on similar items.   I did not pay anyone to come up with my banner, avatar etc.  But even that is available for a low cost on Etsy.  Next pick a name for your shop and make your banner (top of the page for your shop).  You also have to be a registered user on Etsy.   Think it over.  This is something you can try with pretty much no investment, other than your inventory.   I wont talk about it here but you will have to invest time in your shop.  I call it "working it".  I am actually having fun. Some days I feel really in control and feel like I am rolling along.  Other days I wonder what I should be doing that I do not have a clue about.  But I am glad I opened my shop and I have a couple new ideas rolling around.  So, get ready, set....go.

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