Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Random Thoughts from Broken Computer

Random thoughts and a broken computer:
So my computer got hit by lightening and pretty much died.  I am sure you can all relate to that time when your computer gets to a point where you are lying awake at night thinking about how much pleasure you would get if you could open a second story window and chunk it as far as you could throw it.  That is where I was and then it just died completely.  So I am in a mess.  I had a lot of files saved, but not all.  My Etsy shop has been completely ignored and I have not posted anything yet about how I actually came to have an Etsy shop.  I am sure I will get there.  I had also intended to kind of post about things I was learning as I go along - kind of a blind leading the blind thing.  I have a lot going on.  I was hoping to add some new things to the shop - like paper art and mixed media elements for others to add to their projects.  I have been making some of the above and am loving them.  The ones in the picture include pieces of a vintage quilt that I got at the coolest antique place in Texas.  That is an entire story in itself.  I will have to find pictures because words cannot describe it.  Sadly, my friend that I visited there sold her lake house, so I may never go again.  But anyway, I got a cool old quilt that was thread bare in spots so using it for other things.

Lots going on which I will post pics later.  I had a piece on the Tattered Angels blog that I had done for their CHA booth this summer.  I sent a piece that I loved to New York to help raise money for an organization called Love 146.  Check out their web-site.    And I am working on two things right now for a blog hop between Authentique Paper (which I have fallen in love with) and Canvas Corp, Tattered Angels and 7 Gypsies.  I will post pics later.  I have to get this new computer figured out and get new photo software as I have gone from PC to MAC.  

In closing I want to posted a few pictures from another artist (above) as I have absolutely fallen in love with her work.  I think her pages are stunning.  She also does a lot of art journaling.  She uses the name Mumkaa on Flickr and pinterest.  Go check out her stuff.  I just think it is amazing.  

Have a great day.  One day soon I will talk about my shop.


  1. Ok, so now my phone went out. Just bam and it was gone. I lost a lot of pictures and just can't even think about them. I guess its time for me to use iCloud.

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