Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hunker Down for the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  We are home and we have eaten enough to go into hibernation.  Now it is time to get focused and hunker down for the holidays.  Most of my busy will be trying to get this new computer figured out so that I can get my Etsy shop and Paisley Place inventory where it needs to be.  And I have not gotten any Christmas decorations up.  This is one of those years where I don't feel any urgency about putting up our tree.  I mostly do it alone now which is sad but also affords me the time to ponder the sentiment behind each ornament.

We figured out a while back that we didn't have to go crazy on gifts for our children.  We decided there was something wrong when our kids asked for 3 items and we went out and bought 10.  What were we teaching them - that what they wanted wasn't enough??  That a great Christmas meant getting more than they could even have fathomed??   So we gradually cut back.  My kids are older now - two are in college, so the gift buying is fairly easy.  They still do not ask for much, if anything, so we try to get them something they will really like and a few things that they actually need.  I hope that its a lesson learned that Christmas is not really about the gifts.  It is about family and truly being thankful for all you have and embracing that so long ago God sent his only son that whosoever believes, would not perish.  Now, that is a gift that means something.

That was not really what my intention was when I logged on here - I really just wanted to say that from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday you can get 10% off your order in my Etsy shop,   Just use the coupon code 2thankful.
 Happy shopping and remember less is more.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Time Flies and then its Christmas Again

I have been so busy getting ready for Christmas. I really think at some point its going to seem like a week and a half between Christmases (How in the world do you spell the plural of Christmas).  I am getting to where I do not even want to put a tree up because I feel like I just took it down.  That and the fact that all my kids are too old to care about helping me decorate the tree.  I miss the days when they would fight over hanging up an ornament.
I am trying something that I think will be fun this year.  I am having my own little "holiday market" with a couple of friends.  We are selling our art and also having a pampered chef lady, Arbonne, Noonday, and who knows what else.  I have been making angels among other things.  (Above).  I think I am going to put my Etsy shop on vacation that day and just take everything I have to the show. I have to say I have decided this week that there are so many very nice, hard working people on Etsy and I have been blessed to "meet" them there.  It has given me hope that there are some decent people out there.  I think one day I am going to see if some of them will let me post some of my favorite items on here.
I will post how the open house goes.  It is just one more step in this "artist" adventure that I am on.  It may be something others may want to try.
My sons are home from college and I am so thrilled.  Young moms out there - take a deep breath with those little ones and relax just a bit and enjoy them.  Enjoy their messes and their runny noses.  Enjoy being a bus driver and seeing their little faces for those brief car rides and turn the music down and listen to them.  It won't be long and they will be gone.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I did two projects for Canvas Corp/7Gypsies to be used for a blog hop with Authentique Paper.  I loved the products and had so much fun combining scrap book design with my new love of mixed media art. I did a garden journal.  I find that growing flowers is good for the soul and I love my flowers.  There are several hidden journaling spots in the journal.  Something new I did that I would not have done a couple years ago is cover everything in Mod Podge.  I love it and I think it adds protection to the album.  Try it!!
Feel free to check out the Canvas Corp blog here:

I also did a canvas.  Again, just dig out your stash of patterned paper scraps and piece together a picture, all the time adding texture with inks, papers, words, etc.  I used the Authentique Lively collection for both pieces and loved the texture and feel of this high quality paper.  I also love Stazon ink.  I don't think anything compares.  (No, I am not geting anything from either company).

I have been scrap booking for years, but when I have thrown in this mixed media element, I think it has given me such a freedom to create.  As a scrapper, i was very symmetrical and clean.  Here I can slap on things here and there that go a little more outside the box.   Give it a try, and don't be afraid to just keep adding and if you don't like something, just keep on layering until you have covered up what you don't like.

Off topic, I am saddened by the election, but I pray for our country and its leaders.  Everything God does is good and right and he is in control.  Keep the faith and keep on praying.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm in Love

Sneak Peak:
Ok so I am participating in a blog hop through 7 Gypsies and Tattered Angels with Authentique Paper and I am in love with the Authentique Paper.  I have never used it and I was given the entire "Lively" line to work with on the project.  I LOVE this paper.  I loved the texture and the colors.  I will post the projects once they appear on the above mentioned blogs.  I did an angel canvas and a mini album - which was more of a journal.  I can't wait to see all the projects and I cannot wait to go out and find more of this wonderful paper.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sweet Tooth

 Halloween after thoughts.

New Etsy Listing:

Thanks for looking.