Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hunker Down for the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  We are home and we have eaten enough to go into hibernation.  Now it is time to get focused and hunker down for the holidays.  Most of my busy will be trying to get this new computer figured out so that I can get my Etsy shop and Paisley Place inventory where it needs to be.  And I have not gotten any Christmas decorations up.  This is one of those years where I don't feel any urgency about putting up our tree.  I mostly do it alone now which is sad but also affords me the time to ponder the sentiment behind each ornament.

We figured out a while back that we didn't have to go crazy on gifts for our children.  We decided there was something wrong when our kids asked for 3 items and we went out and bought 10.  What were we teaching them - that what they wanted wasn't enough??  That a great Christmas meant getting more than they could even have fathomed??   So we gradually cut back.  My kids are older now - two are in college, so the gift buying is fairly easy.  They still do not ask for much, if anything, so we try to get them something they will really like and a few things that they actually need.  I hope that its a lesson learned that Christmas is not really about the gifts.  It is about family and truly being thankful for all you have and embracing that so long ago God sent his only son that whosoever believes, would not perish.  Now, that is a gift that means something.

That was not really what my intention was when I logged on here - I really just wanted to say that from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday you can get 10% off your order in my Etsy shop,   Just use the coupon code 2thankful.
 Happy shopping and remember less is more.


  1. Colorful blog! Love it!


    New follower from Etsy Blog teams! GREAT blog!

    1. Thank you for looking. I have looked at yours as well. I saw you are changing your focus, but I am still going to go find some good books to read. I am always looking for something.

  2. it's really nice to know that your kids didn't ask for the world for christmas. i find that i'm sort of the same way with my parents, and my mother especially feels pressured to sort of over-gift!

  3. Britney, thanks for reading. I think as parents we so want Christmas to be wonderful for our children, we just sometimes lose focus of what it is all about. Fortunately my children have always cherished time with cousins and family as more important than the gifts.