Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Time Flies and then its Christmas Again

I have been so busy getting ready for Christmas. I really think at some point its going to seem like a week and a half between Christmases (How in the world do you spell the plural of Christmas).  I am getting to where I do not even want to put a tree up because I feel like I just took it down.  That and the fact that all my kids are too old to care about helping me decorate the tree.  I miss the days when they would fight over hanging up an ornament.
I am trying something that I think will be fun this year.  I am having my own little "holiday market" with a couple of friends.  We are selling our art and also having a pampered chef lady, Arbonne, Noonday, and who knows what else.  I have been making angels among other things.  (Above).  I think I am going to put my Etsy shop on vacation that day and just take everything I have to the show. I have to say I have decided this week that there are so many very nice, hard working people on Etsy and I have been blessed to "meet" them there.  It has given me hope that there are some decent people out there.  I think one day I am going to see if some of them will let me post some of my favorite items on here.
I will post how the open house goes.  It is just one more step in this "artist" adventure that I am on.  It may be something others may want to try.
My sons are home from college and I am so thrilled.  Young moms out there - take a deep breath with those little ones and relax just a bit and enjoy them.  Enjoy their messes and their runny noses.  Enjoy being a bus driver and seeing their little faces for those brief car rides and turn the music down and listen to them.  It won't be long and they will be gone.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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