Sunday, December 16, 2012

A place to vent sorrow.

It has been a sad week.  A boy I vaguely knew, that my son once knew, died this week.  He fell off a cliff.  It was a tragic accident.  He hit a tree on the way down.  It broke his fall and for a few days, the family and many friends had hope.  Instead, his organs were donated.  He chose, long before this tragedy, to give others hope by determining that he wanted to be an organ donor.  We will not ever know the many lives he will save, change, touch with his decision.  Of course, there was the school shooting.  Sad day all around when sweet little children are not safe.  We cannot even begin to understand the lives that were lost or the families devastated.  All we can do is pray, love on our children or on a child that needs to be loved.  We can take a second look at that single mom and access if we can help in any way.   I have other friends with real battles - like caner...
I do not remember a Christmas season when I was struck with this sadness.  I was already feeling afraid for our country and then all this.  So, yesterday, my husband and I took our heavy hearts and joined in the Wreaths Across America event.  This is where wreaths are put at the base of the headstones at our national cemeteries.   I was struck by the large number of headstones for "unknown soldier".  Tears welled up as I thought about these heroes whose mothers do not know where they are.  I was honored to lay wreaths at the base of these headstones, knowing that somewhere there was a mother, a sister, maybe a wife or daughter that would be blessed at Christmas to know that someone had placed a wreath at their loved one's headstone, given a salute and said "thank you".
In the midst of all the helplessness there are things we can do.  We can check yes on our driver's license to be an organ donor.  We can do something to ease the burden of a single mom.  We can be kind to someone.  We can say thank you to a fallen hero... and we can pray like we have never prayed before.

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