Thursday, December 13, 2012

Etsy and the process of learning.

So I have had a chance the last couple days to catch my breath.  And I am so excited today I figured out how to add the Etsy badge and the Follow me on Pinterest badges to this blog.  After all, I think what makes all this Etsy and blogging stuff cool for me is that I am learning...moving forward.  There is so much to learn about Etsy and promotion etc.  I have found the community there to be wonderful.  I have bought numerous Christmas presents through these shops.  I saw a story on the news and they said if we would each buy $64 of American made goods, it would generate 200,000 jobs.  So I have bought my share and more on Etsy.   Originally, I was going to mainly blog about what I have learned on Etsy and encourage others to pursue having a shop, but I decided that was a bit limiting, so I hope to just throw pointers out along with whatever else suits me.  Its really quite simple to add the badges.  I found a great blog that teaches all this stuff.  Once I read it some more and figure out how to put the link back to her page on my blog I will let you know.  I hope everyone is relaxed and enjoying the family and friend time of the holidays rather than running themselves ragged.  I had two strands of lights go out on my tree, so there are a couple dark spots, but oh well, I feel sure no one will notice but me and I am choosing not to let that get me in a twist.

Etsy Tip:
To add your Etsy Badge go to your shop, on the left under promotion click on "off-site".  You will see your badge choices.  Click the "generate" button by the badge you want and then highlight and copy and hit "done".  Now go to your blogger blog.  Go to layout/add a widget  click + on the one that says java html...  paste in your code that you copied off Etsy and hit save.  There you go, easy as pie.  For Pinterest, its pretty much the same thing except you go to the About area and click on "Pin it Button", scroll to the bottom and follow the same highlight, copy, paste instructions as above.

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