Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Putting yourself out there

Things are stacking up as I am getting ready to have a sort of "showing" of my paintings etc. with a couple friends and I have decided its kind of hard to put yourself out there.  I have fallen into this entire thing by accident the last few months and have been thrilled that my things are selling (I mean what do you do if they don't, stack them to the ceiling??).  I am having so much fun learning, not only the art but how to get around on Etsy, how to market in other places etc.  Though I am not sure I really needed all these extra entries on my "To do" list.   With this show, however, I am a little nervous to be actually sitting there while people that I know peruse my stuff.  I am old enough that I don't really seek approval so much anymore, but still, its a little awkward.  What do you do if your really good friend is sitting there with a proud smile on her face and you hate her paintings??  It will be interesting and another learning experience, I am sure.  Its nice to still be learning something - it replaces all the things I have forgotten, like calculus ...

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