Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Art in Santa's workshop

Santa's workshop.  I can't believe its almost Christmas again!!  Are you ready?  Remember to support your small local stores, artists etc.  Etsy is a great place to shop.  If anyone visits my shop, feel free to  use the coupon code Blog1113 and get 10% off any purchase over $20.  Its not much but I try to keep my prices low so just about anyone can afford to spread the Happy.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time to Get it Together

Summer flew by and life with all three kids home was a little crazy.  Getting the older two back to school made for a couple crazy weeks.  I am ready for a schedule again.  Its time to get out the paint and brushes and get to work.  I am hoping to paint some angels with faces.  I did one and I like her, though she is a little harsh looking.  I also have starting doing post cards of some of my art and they have really sold well.  Fun stuff.
The pic above is just a section of a canvas I did for a friend's sister.  It was one of my favorites.

I learned years ago that if my house was not going to be in chaos, it was up to me.  So,  I try to use some of my time during the day to ease the stress of after school.  Get things together that I or my kids (or kid, as I am down to one) might need for a ball game or activity.  Plan my meal for the evening and make sure I have what I need etc.  It helps cut down on a lot of stress - especially in those years when I had little boys looking for baseball socks, hats, belts, etc.  (Oh how I wish I had a baseball game to go to with my little boys again!).   So moms, school has started.  Time to get it together.
Have a great day.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lost in Summer

 Love these pretty succulents and the cute little "hummingbird house" I bought at War Eagle.

 Above: broken pots in the garden, an idea I got from my good friend Sara.  And below, the Yarrow is in full bloom with a day lily, zinnias and dianthas blooming in the background.  I learned this year that Yarrow does best when you just leave it alone.  This plant will be split when it is finished blooming.

Summer has arrived.  That is the time when I find it hard to paint or even stay inside.  Summer is the time when I get lost in my garden.  This morning I went out intending to be there just a moment and I came in two hours later, hot, with dirt in my fingernails and still in my pajamas.  I laugh at myself because I spend hours out there and from a distance it looks no different, but there are always weeds to pull, plants to split or move, and pruning to do.  I decided today that gardens are as demanding as two year olds, just in a much quieter way, and they are forgiving unless you don't give them water.

I love my time out there.  When your kids grow up and don't really need to be nurtured, well you can go to the garden.  And just like life, you still have the bugs, and the deer and all the other pests and problems that invade your garden and make it just a little less than perfect.  But if you step back and view it as a whole, it is still very beautiful.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring has Sprung

Random post but I love my flower garden.  I spend hours out there every week.  Each morning with my cup of coffee I think "Oh, I will just go out there for a quick look around"and then I see a weed that needs pulled or a plant I need to dead is endless what one can find to do or admire in a flower garden.  When I moved in, I had a huge flower bed in my backyard but it was empty.  I had no green thumb, no horticultural skills whatsoever.  But, I am here to encourage you that with patience, hardwork, sunshine (and a little money, haha) anyone can develop a green thumb.  I have learned so much in my garden quest but here are a few lessons:
1.  If you have a large space  plant perennials.  They come back the next year.  My space was so large, there is no way I could fill it every spring.  It was literally empty and is now full.  Perennials spread and most come back with little effort.
2.  Don't worry about where you plant things.  As you learn you can always dig up the flower later and move it.
3.  Digging up perennials and/or splitting them will not hurt them.  In fact, they like it.   Do not be afraid of the plant.  Dig it up and get your shovel and split it.  Now you have two plants...or three or four etc.   And you can give some to your friends too.
4. You have to experiment.  Sometimes you will plant a perennial and it won't come back, others will thrive.
5. Fill in your garden with annuals for more color.

Problems do come up and a big one is deer and rabbits eating your flowers.  I have been told by many all the remedies for this (its kind of like when it is obvious you have poisen ivy and everyone walks up and tells you how to cure it).  So what to do for deer:  Rub soap on the trees, sprinkle cayenne pepper on your plants, get your son to pee around the flower beds, spray "deer fence" around your beds and on it goes.  I have found the best thing, however, is to let my dog out when I see them.  That seems to be the best trick.  I welcome any other ideas.

Enjoy the sunshine...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Love Norman

Its been a good week despite the weather.  I have loved Norman Rockwell since I was a teenager (a long time in other words).  I had the opportunity to visit Crystal Bridges American Art Museum this week and see the special Norman Rockwell exhibit.  I wanted to cry the entire time I was there because it was amazing.  I think he was a genius.  He could tell an entire story without saying a word.  His paintings truly exemplify the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words".  It was a highlight to see his work. There are many of his originals on display and all of his Saturday Evening Post covers.  There is an exhibit which shows the painstaking process he used to produce his final painting and so much more If you are anywhere near Arkansas, you have to make the trip.  The museum has been widely acclaimed and over 600,000 people visited in the first year.  And it is all American Art.
Lots of rain this week and very cold for spring, so I have spent the week inside.  I posted some new things to my Etsy shop - including the cute little guy above.  It is no Norman Rockwell, but unless you have a few million dollars laying around, the Norman Rockwell probably isn't attainable.
Have a great day.  

Sunday, March 17, 2013


I have been cleaning and cleaning... I am adding things and selling things in my second Etsy store 3Paperwings from my scrapbooking supply stash.  I have lots of some items from design team goodies and more than I could ever use from all the things I have purchased over the years.  I am trying to package them together and putting low prices on them.  I am also putting cards and mini albums on there as I can't resist the urge to make things as I dig through all my stash.  Go have a look.

Love 146

Through Etsy I met Danielle.  She has a blog called Take Heart.  She is very involved in the efforts to end sex trafficking and does a couple fund raisers each year for an organization called Love146.  She asked me to donate a piece of art for each of the last two events held.  These events are in NY, far removed from my little town, but if you go to her blog (There is a link under my list of blogs to the left) or to the Love145 site, you can't help but want to do something.  Read about the little girl in the red dress for whom the organization is named.  My first picture I did is on the bottom above.  I forgot to take a picture of it so this is the best I have.  The second one I did is on top.  The top picture has the words faith, hope and love embedded in it.  The bottom one is about Hope which is a big motivator of Love 146.   I hope you will visit their site or Danielle's blog.  
Another organization I think highly of is Girls On the Run.  I got to do a special canvas for them this year to be used as a thank you for their corporate sponsors (above).  GOTR teaches young girls about fitness, self esteem and making right choices.  They train for a 5K and also spend time bonding with girls and coaches and building weapons against peer pressure and bad choices.  I don't have a great picture of this one (though my printer does).  This canvas included lots of the positive words GOTR uses to help inspire these girls. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day.  

I started a project cleaning out the 20 years of supplies I have collected through the years while scrapbooking.  It has taken me 3 weeks.  Looking at old pages (above) and organizing all the little embellishments etc has given me a desire to do a little scrapping.  I got tired of doing sports pages and, yes those eyes above, over and over so I started painting and doing other things.  I am way behind.  A friend showed me the cutest little mini album that she made with envelopes.  I will post one I did in a minute.  Next time I make one (which I think will be soon, I will show the easy steps.)  It is quick and makes a cute little gift.  I also opened a second Etsy Shop called 3Paperwings.  I put a lot of the extras I had in my supplies.  So far not a lot of interest by anyone, but there are some good deals on things you can't even find anymore and buying stuff at the scrapbook store can add up fast.  

So here is the little book.  I made this one for a sweet young lady that was getting initiated in Chi Omega (note the little arrow - a reminder that her Pi Phi friend made the book).  You use six envelopes.  The kraft paper envelopes are a little sturdier, but not necessary if you like the white.  It gives you 12 pages and then 4-6 more little pages that you stick inside the envelope.  I will post pictures of the process.  Stay tuned.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

So What's New about 2013

Happy NewYear.
Each of the last two years has brought big change to my life.  2011 I saw my second child graduate from high school and move 1200 miles away to the college of his choice.  My husband started traveling and my 3rd child became a teenager.  I was pretty much alone in the world most of the time.  In 2012, I quit pouting about all of the above, turned 50, took some art classes which led to opening an Etsy shop and starting this blog.  (Though I'm still not sure where the blog is headed...)See,  you can even teach your old self some new tricks.
So what's new this year.   I am looking with eyes wide open to keep the adventure (I use that term loosely) of the last year moving in a fun and positive direction.   I want to recommend to you to look hard for yourself.  There are tutorials on just about anything your heart desires to learn on the internet.  My son is teaching himself how to play the banjo.
If you want to start an Etsy shop, do it!!  It is easy and the only cost will be to list your items - .20 a pop.  Spend some time and think about what you want to sell.  It has to be handmade, vintage or supplies for those that do make things.  Have you always wanted to open a flea market booth (I have) - do it at Etsy.    You will find the nicest and most encouraging people there.  (The only unfriendly group I have found is the "Daily Blog Team".  They rejected my attempt to join their team.  I don't know if they don't like my blog or I just don't post enough.  No explanation was given. )
I will post about my 2013 adventures  and hope that you will look for one of your own.  No resolutions here but I also would like to: 1. get a bike. We always ride everywhere on vacation and I live in a community with great bike trails so since I pretty much almost refuse to go to a gym, that might be just the ticket to get my lazy self out and exercising.  2. Open a "vintage" Etsy shop.  Like I said, I inherited from my mother a desire for a flea market booth.  I knew I was her daughter when at about the age of 23, I made my first flea market purchase.  3. Of course it goes without saying I'd like to eat less, exercise more, be more thoughtful, be kinder and maybe clean out the attic storage room....