Monday, January 7, 2013

So What's New about 2013

Happy NewYear.
Each of the last two years has brought big change to my life.  2011 I saw my second child graduate from high school and move 1200 miles away to the college of his choice.  My husband started traveling and my 3rd child became a teenager.  I was pretty much alone in the world most of the time.  In 2012, I quit pouting about all of the above, turned 50, took some art classes which led to opening an Etsy shop and starting this blog.  (Though I'm still not sure where the blog is headed...)See,  you can even teach your old self some new tricks.
So what's new this year.   I am looking with eyes wide open to keep the adventure (I use that term loosely) of the last year moving in a fun and positive direction.   I want to recommend to you to look hard for yourself.  There are tutorials on just about anything your heart desires to learn on the internet.  My son is teaching himself how to play the banjo.
If you want to start an Etsy shop, do it!!  It is easy and the only cost will be to list your items - .20 a pop.  Spend some time and think about what you want to sell.  It has to be handmade, vintage or supplies for those that do make things.  Have you always wanted to open a flea market booth (I have) - do it at Etsy.    You will find the nicest and most encouraging people there.  (The only unfriendly group I have found is the "Daily Blog Team".  They rejected my attempt to join their team.  I don't know if they don't like my blog or I just don't post enough.  No explanation was given. )
I will post about my 2013 adventures  and hope that you will look for one of your own.  No resolutions here but I also would like to: 1. get a bike. We always ride everywhere on vacation and I live in a community with great bike trails so since I pretty much almost refuse to go to a gym, that might be just the ticket to get my lazy self out and exercising.  2. Open a "vintage" Etsy shop.  Like I said, I inherited from my mother a desire for a flea market booth.  I knew I was her daughter when at about the age of 23, I made my first flea market purchase.  3. Of course it goes without saying I'd like to eat less, exercise more, be more thoughtful, be kinder and maybe clean out the attic storage room....