Thursday, February 14, 2013

I started a project cleaning out the 20 years of supplies I have collected through the years while scrapbooking.  It has taken me 3 weeks.  Looking at old pages (above) and organizing all the little embellishments etc has given me a desire to do a little scrapping.  I got tired of doing sports pages and, yes those eyes above, over and over so I started painting and doing other things.  I am way behind.  A friend showed me the cutest little mini album that she made with envelopes.  I will post one I did in a minute.  Next time I make one (which I think will be soon, I will show the easy steps.)  It is quick and makes a cute little gift.  I also opened a second Etsy Shop called 3Paperwings.  I put a lot of the extras I had in my supplies.  So far not a lot of interest by anyone, but there are some good deals on things you can't even find anymore and buying stuff at the scrapbook store can add up fast.  

So here is the little book.  I made this one for a sweet young lady that was getting initiated in Chi Omega (note the little arrow - a reminder that her Pi Phi friend made the book).  You use six envelopes.  The kraft paper envelopes are a little sturdier, but not necessary if you like the white.  It gives you 12 pages and then 4-6 more little pages that you stick inside the envelope.  I will post pictures of the process.  Stay tuned.  

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