Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Love Norman

Its been a good week despite the weather.  I have loved Norman Rockwell since I was a teenager (a long time in other words).  I had the opportunity to visit Crystal Bridges American Art Museum this week and see the special Norman Rockwell exhibit.  I wanted to cry the entire time I was there because it was amazing.  I think he was a genius.  He could tell an entire story without saying a word.  His paintings truly exemplify the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words".  It was a highlight to see his work. There are many of his originals on display and all of his Saturday Evening Post covers.  There is an exhibit which shows the painstaking process he used to produce his final painting and so much more If you are anywhere near Arkansas, you have to make the trip.  The museum has been widely acclaimed and over 600,000 people visited in the first year.  And it is all American Art.
Lots of rain this week and very cold for spring, so I have spent the week inside.  I posted some new things to my Etsy shop - including the cute little guy above.  It is no Norman Rockwell, but unless you have a few million dollars laying around, the Norman Rockwell probably isn't attainable.
Have a great day.  

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