Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring has Sprung

Random post but I love my flower garden.  I spend hours out there every week.  Each morning with my cup of coffee I think "Oh, I will just go out there for a quick look around"and then I see a weed that needs pulled or a plant I need to dead is endless what one can find to do or admire in a flower garden.  When I moved in, I had a huge flower bed in my backyard but it was empty.  I had no green thumb, no horticultural skills whatsoever.  But, I am here to encourage you that with patience, hardwork, sunshine (and a little money, haha) anyone can develop a green thumb.  I have learned so much in my garden quest but here are a few lessons:
1.  If you have a large space  plant perennials.  They come back the next year.  My space was so large, there is no way I could fill it every spring.  It was literally empty and is now full.  Perennials spread and most come back with little effort.
2.  Don't worry about where you plant things.  As you learn you can always dig up the flower later and move it.
3.  Digging up perennials and/or splitting them will not hurt them.  In fact, they like it.   Do not be afraid of the plant.  Dig it up and get your shovel and split it.  Now you have two plants...or three or four etc.   And you can give some to your friends too.
4. You have to experiment.  Sometimes you will plant a perennial and it won't come back, others will thrive.
5. Fill in your garden with annuals for more color.

Problems do come up and a big one is deer and rabbits eating your flowers.  I have been told by many all the remedies for this (its kind of like when it is obvious you have poisen ivy and everyone walks up and tells you how to cure it).  So what to do for deer:  Rub soap on the trees, sprinkle cayenne pepper on your plants, get your son to pee around the flower beds, spray "deer fence" around your beds and on it goes.  I have found the best thing, however, is to let my dog out when I see them.  That seems to be the best trick.  I welcome any other ideas.

Enjoy the sunshine...