Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lost in Summer

 Love these pretty succulents and the cute little "hummingbird house" I bought at War Eagle.

 Above: broken pots in the garden, an idea I got from my good friend Sara.  And below, the Yarrow is in full bloom with a day lily, zinnias and dianthas blooming in the background.  I learned this year that Yarrow does best when you just leave it alone.  This plant will be split when it is finished blooming.

Summer has arrived.  That is the time when I find it hard to paint or even stay inside.  Summer is the time when I get lost in my garden.  This morning I went out intending to be there just a moment and I came in two hours later, hot, with dirt in my fingernails and still in my pajamas.  I laugh at myself because I spend hours out there and from a distance it looks no different, but there are always weeds to pull, plants to split or move, and pruning to do.  I decided today that gardens are as demanding as two year olds, just in a much quieter way, and they are forgiving unless you don't give them water.

I love my time out there.  When your kids grow up and don't really need to be nurtured, well you can go to the garden.  And just like life, you still have the bugs, and the deer and all the other pests and problems that invade your garden and make it just a little less than perfect.  But if you step back and view it as a whole, it is still very beautiful.


  1. Your yarrow is beautiful! The red one is my favorite, although I also love the terracotta colored one. Just a great plant, and doesn't need much water. I love to putter around in my garden as well, it just makes me happy. And broken pots - I have them, too! Quite a nice accent.

    1. Just saw this. Have you found the trick to keep the yarrow from falling over. I have to put something around mine but I see some that just stands so tall!