Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time to Get it Together

Summer flew by and life with all three kids home was a little crazy.  Getting the older two back to school made for a couple crazy weeks.  I am ready for a schedule again.  Its time to get out the paint and brushes and get to work.  I am hoping to paint some angels with faces.  I did one and I like her, though she is a little harsh looking.  I also have starting doing post cards of some of my art and they have really sold well.  Fun stuff.
The pic above is just a section of a canvas I did for a friend's sister.  It was one of my favorites.

I learned years ago that if my house was not going to be in chaos, it was up to me.  So,  I try to use some of my time during the day to ease the stress of after school.  Get things together that I or my kids (or kid, as I am down to one) might need for a ball game or activity.  Plan my meal for the evening and make sure I have what I need etc.  It helps cut down on a lot of stress - especially in those years when I had little boys looking for baseball socks, hats, belts, etc.  (Oh how I wish I had a baseball game to go to with my little boys again!).   So moms, school has started.  Time to get it together.
Have a great day.