Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Obsessions

Well I have two relatively new obsessions.  One is fun, unique and usually old containers, like old metal file drawers, or wire baskets, square wooden boxes etc.  With all my supplies i have no problem filling them.  Next time I will post pictures.  The second is journals.  I have a stack of all different kinds of journals and for the most part I have done nothing with them.  Its risky to get started, to scar up those clean white pages, possible with something i do not like.  However, I have decided to take the plunge.  I have been challenged and encouraged by Art to the 5th Academy and I am just going to let myself loose and get started.  I have been trying to just relax and go with the flow, not be so rigid in my art (as the above quickly painted whimsical face will attest).  Art journaling is exploding and just like art it is MY journal or YOUR journal so I will keep you updated.  Go buy a composition notebook if nothing else and get started too.

I gave a baby shower for a beautiful young woman today who serves Jesus everyday and loves on my daughter in so many ways.  One of the guest gave a devotional.  Then read a quote and the woman she quoted encouraged moms to smile everyday with their children (among other things).  My children are almost all grown and I can say, I wish I had laughed more with them.  I am somewhat serious and I had a couple rambunctious boys.  I should have relaxed and laughed a little more.  In the end a lot of the things we mothers fret and worry over are just not that important.  Those babies grow up fast.  Smile everyday with them, better yet try to laugh.

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