Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy House

Pages from my DLP journal.  The top one is made from only things that I have received in the mail via Happy Mail.  The bottom one we were supposed to draw our favorite shoes.  I am not a huge shoe person and since I am behind I incorporated another assignment which was to use a magazine advertisement.  You know, "Kill two birds with one stone and all that".   Its been a fun diversion working on the journal.  Just start one if you love them.  Its really just for you and no one else has to like it.  Its a great way to play with no pressure.


  1. I love these... great idea for a journal!

  2. Love your colorful, happy journal pages. There's a blank journal around here somewhere and I'm sorely tempted.

  3. Thank you. You need to find the journal and get started. Lots of free tutorials on line.